Sanel has a long-standing experience* in the field of processing/manufacturing of different types of products from metal and wood. The Company is one of the major manufacturers of automatic details and metal-pressed items in Bulgaria.

The Company owns a significant workshop with single-spindle automaton in the range from 1 mm to 25 mm, six-spindle lathe automaton in the range from 12 mm to 48 mm, possibility for production of different kind of automatic details according to the client’s order.

We also have a large number of eccentric press, hydraulic presses, digital coordinate press, laser cutting machine for sheet and tubular material, digital abkant with horizontal beams, cutting machines, universal lathes and milling cutters, MiG MaG welding apparatus.

The product range of Sanel includes:

  • production of ventilation of metal for industrial and citizen building
  • automatic details – nonstandard details: screws, rivets, pins
  • equipment for shops: big variety of racks
  • metal waste bins
  • boxes for electrical installation
  • post boxes
  • furniture for gardens – benches, pavilions
  • play – grounds
  • cupboards for hunting guns
  • sport equipment
  • metal-pressed items

In addition to the manufacturing of the products indicated, Sanel develop its activity in the real estate field.

The Company has been widely recognized and respected for the quality of the products, services, integrity, innovating and business friendly, flexible solutions.

*The Company has been established back in 1968 as a plant for assembling elements (one of the former military plants in radio-ranging industry). As a result of the privatization in 1997, the company proceeds its activity as a private one.