About Us

DSC_0404Sanel JSC is one of the major manufacturers of assembling elements and metal-pressed items in Bulgaria backed-up by 30-years of experience in production of screws and rivets in accordance to Bulgarian State Standard and DIN.
From the beginning of 1998 the company is 100% privately owned. The manufacturing is restored in the basic workshops: for production of screws, for metal-pressed items, chemical workshop and workshop for automatic details. The Company owns a significant workshop with single-spindle automaton in the range from 1 mm to 25 mm and possibilities for production of different kind of automatic details according to the client’s order.
The plant extends over 105 000 square meters. It is divided into 5 main platforms including production sites, administrative building, as well as Custom area.
The product range encompasses:

  • New – production of metal profiles of plasterboard and PVC woodwork
  • New – production of ventilation of metal for industrial and citizen building
  • assembling elements
  • automatic details
  • equipment for shops: big variety of racks
  • metal waste bins
  • boxes for electrical installation
  • post boxes
  • furniture for gardens
  • different kind of benches
  • play – grounds
  • cupboards for hunting guns
  • sport equipment

Sanel JSC is the sole Bulgarian manufacturer of self-tapping screws in the range from 2.2 to 6.3.
All the products are patented.
The plant is situated 160 km away from Sofia in the town of Sandanski. The trade office is in Sofia.